Across or through the ethmoid bone.
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Sincipital cephaloceles are classified as nasofrontal, nasoethmoidal, nasoorbital, or combined and basal cephaloceles as transethmoidal, sphenoethmoidal, sphenoorbital, sphenomaxillary, and transsphenoidal.
Jiang et al., "Endoscopic transethmoidal approach with or without medial rectus detachment for orbitalapical cavernous hemangiomas," American Journal of Ophthalmology, vol.
There are different ways to access the sphenoidal ostium: during a transnasal, transeptal, and transethmoidal approach.
(16,17,18) In the case of extended abscesses, surgical approach can be computer-assisted transethmoidal as it enables a more precise exploration of the orbitary region.
Craniotomy or transethmoidal transsphenoidal approach was adopted to access and directly repair cavernous sinus.11,12 The surgical approach is complex with variable outcomes and high morbidity, even in the best of centres.
Barker FG 2nd, Ogilvy CS, Chin JK, Joseph MP, Pile-Spellman J, Crowell Transethmoidal transsphenoidal approach for embolization of a carotid-cavernous fistula.
Basal meningoencephaloceles are further subclassified on the basis of the location of the bone defect as either transsphenoidal, transethmoidal, sphenoethmoidal, or sphenoorbital.
During the next 2 years, the lesion progressed, extending into the sphenoid sinus and posterior nasal cavity, and a third resection was attempted by way of a combined subcranial anterior skull base, transethmoidal, and transphenoidal approach.
Sincipital form consists of naso-frontal, naso-ethmoid and naso-orbital subtypes, whereas basal form consists of transethmoidal, spheno-ethmoidal, spheno-orbital and trans-sphenoidal sub-types.
We successfully treated her with surgical decompression via a computer-assisted, endoscopic transethmoidal orbitotomy.