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A protein that binds guanine nucleotides (that is, a G protein), found in retinal rods and cones, that plays a major role in signal transduction; in vertebrate rod cells it acts as a link of the photolysis of rhodopsin to the activation of cGMP phosphodiesterase.
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The G protein subunit gamma 2 (GNG2), G protein subunit gamma transducin 1 (GNGT1), and G protein subunit alpha 01 (GNA01) genes were involved in 6 significantly enriched pathways and accounted for 0.040% of the genetic variance for MY, 0.027% for FY, and 0.020% for AFC (Supplementary File SI).
Mapping of a novel locus for achromatopsia (ACHM4) to 1p and identification of a germline mutation in the [alpha] subunit of cone transducin (GNAT2).
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Finally, functional proteins involved in phototransduction pathway, [alpha]-subunit of cGMP-phosphodiesterase (PDE6[alpha]) and [alpha]-subunit of rod transducin (Gt[alpha]-1), were also detected in urine-derived photoreceptors at W25 and located in the developing outer segment (OS) region of the cells (Figures 5(l) and 5(m)).
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Recently, mutations of the immunoglobulin super family member 1 (IGSF1) and transducin [beta]-like protein 1 (TBL1X) genes have also been described as causes (2,3).
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During visual impulses, the coupling of cGMP-phosphodiesterase and rhodopsin transducin is activated by transducin [22].
For instance, the Walker A sequence motif was found in a variety of nucleotide-binding proteins that include the alpha and beta subunits of ATP synthase, myosin, transducin, helicases, kinases, and RecA [1].
661W cells behave as photoreceptor cells and express blue and green cone pigments, transducin, and cone arrestin, but they do not express retinal pigment epithelial cell-specific proteins.
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Phosducin, a light-regulated phosphoprotein, binds to subunits of transducin, a transducer G protein (Lee et al., 1987; Savage et al., 2000), and this lowers levels of cGMP and triggers changes in ionic permeability (including the closure of Na+ channels).