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Pharmacokinetics of fentanyl administered transdermally and intravenously in sheep.
Dewachter et al (137) recently reported an anaphylactic reaction to transdermally delivered fentanyl.
Lontophoresis is a non-invasive method of propelling high concentrations of a medication transdermally by use of a small electrical charge (an injection without a needle).
As the microneedles will be the structure wherewith the fluid is transdermally delivered, it's highly important to calculate the first basic variables like mass flow, volumetric flow and fluid velocity in this first structure in order to obtain the initial or input parameters for the suction and discharge CFD simulations [5].
Roush also described how 3M's MTS technology impacts formulation: "Using 3M's MTS technology, the barrier of the stratum corneum is eliminated to enable delivery of a wider variety of molecules transdermally (eg, large molecules such as monoclonal antibodies).
The estrogen should be given transdermally (via either cream twice daily or a patch).
The same studies also revealed that the drug is not delivered transdermally, indicating that its topical application will not involve any systemic adverse effects.
Improvement in bioavailability of transdermally applied flurbiprofen using tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) and turpentine oil, Colloids Surfaces B: Biointerfaces.
The flying ointments and unguents suspected in the "flight" of witches were thought to be applied to the body and transdermally absorbed, as in the suspected smearing of salve on a broomstick and into the mucous membrane of the vagina (Hansen 1978).
An advantage to the use of the Lymnaea model system is that both the octopamine agonist and antagonist can be applied transdermally.
Testosterone may be administered intramuscularly, as well as transdermally via a gel or transdermal patch.

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