transdermal patch

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transdermal patch

A medicated adhesive pad that is placed on the skin to deliver a timed-release dose of medication through the skin into the bloodstream. Also called skin patch.


across the skin, particularly with reference to the absorption of drugs applied topically for systemic effect.

transdermal patch
a drug-impregnated adhesive patch applied to the skin for controlled release of the active compound. See also fentanyl.
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Transdermal patch falls under 1st generation drug delivery system (Brown et al.
11 October 2011 - US Zosano Pharma Inc and Japanese Asahi Kasei Pharma Corporation, or AKP, part of Asahi Kasei Corporation (TYO:3407), said on Monday they have signed a long-term strategic partnership deal for the development, commercialisation and supply of a weekly transdermal patch formulation of Teribone (teriparatide acetate), AKP's formulation of human parathyroid hormone (human PTH 1-34), for the treatment of osteoporosis patients with a high risk of fracture.
The primary objective of the Phase Ib study is to compare systemic levels of oxycodone for the two transdermal patch candidates, the matrix and reservoir systems.
Novartis has decided to divest Habitrol, its private label nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) transdermal patch business in the US, which was laid as a condition to gain FTC approval for the consumer healthcare JV.
The timed release of CBD in the Re-Med patch represents a new generation of transdermal patch technology that combines superior bioavailability and excellent absorption rates with the highest effective levels of key nutritional supplements.

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