transdermal drug delivery

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transdermal drug delivery (TDD)

Etymology: L, trans + Gk, derma, skin
a method of applying a drug to unbroken skin. The drug is absorbed continuously through the skin and enters the systemic system. It is used particularly for the administration of nicotine, nitroglycerin, scopolamine, testosterone, and contraceptives.
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Transdermal drug delivery
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This report contains over 150 links to online copies of actual transdermal drug delivery deals and contract documents as submitted to the Securities Exchange Commission by companies and their partners.
Chapter 4 provides a review of the leading transdermal drug delivery deals since 2010.
In summary, the transdermal drug delivery market has huge opportunities for growth in the areas of dementia (Alzheimer's & Parkinson 's disease), generics, paediatrics and geriatrics.
Key Topics Covered: Executive Summary Active Transdermal Drug Delivery Market Dynamics Active Transdermal Technology Overview Market Drivers for Transdermal Delivery Excipients and Penetration Enhancers Competitive Landscape Factors Limiting Growth Active Transdermal Technologies Electrical Current Iontophoresis Electroporation Microporation Lasers Mechanical Arrays Radio Frequency Thermal/Heat Ultrasound Active Transdermal Design Factors Drug Formulation Factors Proprietary Delivery vs.
Various transdermal drug delivery technologies are described in this report including the use of suitable formulations, carriers and penetration enhancers.
The transdermal drug delivery market is entering a new phase in which pain management is no longer the growth driver for the industry.
Factors that influence transdermal drug delivery 15
According to Frost & Sullivan, the United States transdermal drug delivery market could reach US$4.
Table 2 1: Technologies for transdermal drug delivery 19
NASDAQ:NOVN) today announced that the global growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan has named Noven its 2006 Transdermal Drug Delivery Company of the Year, citing the competitive advantages of Noven's patented DOT Matrix[TM] transdermal technology, the continued success of its commercialized transdermal systems, and its continuing efforts to enter new markets with innovative products.
To expand the limits of transdermal drug delivery, developers are employing electrical current - a technique called iontophoresis - to affect active transport through the skin.
Table 4 4: Marketing strategies based on transdermal drug delivery technologies108