Across or through the condyles; denoting the line of bone incision in Carden amputation.
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In these circumstances knowledge of the dimensions of the foramen magnum has clinical and radiological relevance, as it helps surgeons in the transcondylar surgical procedure to relieve compression (Murshed et al., 2003).
(10) Two different techniques are described: the use of cortical screws and the use of transcondylar pins at the point of ligament attachment, with nonabsorbable suture placed in a figure-of-8 pattern between the fixators.
Bhanumathy, "A morphometric analysis of the foramen magnum region as it relates to the transcondylar approach," Acta Neurochirurgica, vol.
Despite variations of the transcondylar approach or intradural approach combined with an extradural approach have been used, complete tumor resection was achieved only in 9 (28.1%) out of 32 cases in our own studies and in others studies.[10],[21],[22],[23] Usually, the extracranial component remained.
(28) performed 100 consecutive knee arthroscopies with transcondylar notch views and found that posterolateral visualization was achieved in 100% of the procedures (and in 93% during the first attempt) with a 4% rate of mild iatrogenic cartilage damage.
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Several authors described fishtail deformities and deformities of the trochlea after supracondylar and transcondylar fractures of the distal humerus [15-17].
Surgical treatment of non-dislocated transcondylar and supracondylar elbow fractures involves cast immobilization with the forearm in probation for no longer than 3 weeks [3, 4].
(3) Far lateral transcondylar approaches require extensive dissection of the paravertebral muscles and vessels, in particular, the vertebral artery and removal of bony structures such as the Occipital Condyle (OC) and Jugular Tubercle (JT).

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