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A coil that both transmits radiofrequency and receives the magnetic resonance signal.
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Finisar's transceivers are compatible with the latest DWDM SFP multi-source agreement (MSA), of which Finisar is a founding member.
Powerful network processors, low-cost transceivers, multi-channel serial backplane interconnects, and high-speed synchronous serial switch fabrics simplify designers' hardware implementation tasks, allowing them to concentrate on their value-adds such as higher layer switching capability, media flexibility, and network management.
Picolight was the first company to market 4G 1310nm VCSEL-based transceivers for long-reach fibre channel applications and this product demonstration further validates the performance benefits 1310nm VCSEL delivers for the next-generation 10Gbit Ethernet deployments," said Jack Jewell, founder and chief technology officer of Picolight.
The AD9352 and AD9353 are fully-integrated, direct conversion transceivers for WiMAX (IEEE 802.
Both the Zeus 2 and Apollo 2 transceiver chipsets are manufactured in CMOS technology, and integrate a laser driver, limiting amplifier, automatic laser power control, DDM and an on-board EEPROM.
The HFBR-7934Z parallel optic transceiver module is compliant with the POP4 (Pluggable Optics four-channel) multi-source agreement, and combines an 850 nm VCSEL with custom laser-driver integrated circuitry.
The Monahans platform family delivers key features and flexibility that will enable a higher level of integrated functionality than ever before, and we are extremely enthusiastic about having been selected as the USB transceiver solution on the Monahans Platform Development Kit," said Steven Larky, managing director of Cypress's USB product line.
This transceiver study is part of our 'Next Generation Handsets' series, in which we focus on 3.
Designing an efficient transceiver test process for XFP is a daunting task that can require multiple pieces of expensive optical test instruments and extensive effort in test software integration," said Sylvain Duval, President, Daito Test Services.

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