The reversible transfer of acyl groups.
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The choice of initiation system influences the propagation, transacylation, and side reactions.
If the polymerization parameters are controlled, branching or side reactions (transacylation or transamidation) can be prohibited; hence, the chain extending of polymers will comprise acyllactam structures, and the number of propagated polyamide chains shall be equal to that of the activators.
PNPLA1 catalyzes the transacylation of LA from triglyceride to [omega]-OH ceramide, leading to the formation of [omega]-O-acylceramide, which is an essential component of lipid lamellae and the cornified lipid envelope in the uppermost epidermis.
During esterification study, enzyme was more specific to (Z)-3-hexen-1-ol where in transacylation study, greater yield was observed with ethanol.
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PI can be obtained by the transacylation of 1,4-bis(acetoamido) arylenes by dianhydrides of tetra-carboxylic acids (Goykhman, et al.
Polyimides were synthesized by transacylation of diacetylic derivatives of aromatic diamines (IDA) by bis-phtalic anhydrides of tetracarboxylic acids.