[EC class 2.3] An enzyme catalyzing the transfer of an acyl group from an acyl-CoA to any of various acceptors.
Synonym(s): transacylase.
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Molecular genetic testing revealed a heterozygous variant, c.1259T>C (p.I420T), in the dihydrolipoyl transacylase (E2) subunit gene, consistent with the intermittent form of MSUD.
The product of the PNPLA1 gene is a transacylase necessary for the formation of [omega]-O-acylceramides [22].
The BCKD complex is composed of four subunits named E1a, E1[beta], E2, and E3, around a cubic core of 24 identical dihydrolipoyl transacylase subunits of E2, encoded by the DBT gene (10).
(group IVC [PLA.sub.2]), which uniquely lacks the C2 domain characteristic of the c[PLA.sub.2] family, is C-terminally farnesylated and possesses lysophospholipase and transacylase activities in addition to [PLA.sub.2] activity.
PNPLA4 encodes a member of the patatin-like family of phospholipases, which has both triacylglycerol lipase and transacylase activities.
BCKCD is a 4million Dalton macromolecule and consists of heterodimeric E1 decarboxylase component (E1a and E1b subunits), E2 transacylase that consists of 24 subunits and 1 homodimer E3 component [2].
Identification, cloning, expression, and purification of three novel human calcium-independent phospholipase A(2) family members possessing triacylglycerol lipase and acylglycerol transacylase activities.
Hence, the calreticulin transacetylase was considered as a transacylase in general.
CL remodeling involves tafazzin, a transacylase which generates specific patterns of CL species [117].
The enzymatic properties of PL[A.sub.2]s refer to their phospholipase, lysophospholipase, transacylase, adiponutrin-like, triglyceride lipase, peroxiredoxin 6, and acyl-ceramide synthase activities.
thaliana branched chain 2e-46 76 alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase E2 subunit (dihydrolipoyl transacylase), AAF35280 3-168 BQ134687 H.
Patent 6,287,835 "Transacylases of the paclitaxel biosynthetic pathway," protects the use of certain transacylase genes to improve or produce paclitaxel and intermediates of the paclitaxel pathway such as baccatin.