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In pregnant rats and rat pups, Larque, Zamora, and Gil (2001) confirmed that trans fatty acids cross the placenta and are incorporated into fetal rat tissue.
Age and sex-adjusted Spearman correlation coefficients were 0.31 (P<0.0001) for trans fatty acids and 0.14 (P <0.0001) for polyunsaturated fatty acids.
The researchers reviewed blood samples from over 14,000 adults, and measured trans fatty acid blood levels in 479 men with prostate cancer and 491 age-matched controls.
In general, there were no differences in the median levels of other types of trans fatty acids between cases and controls, Dr.
The major additional fatty acids included in our database were trans fatty acids, for which there is an increasing interest but little data.
* On diet, more evidence is showing that trans fatty acids (found in partially hydrogenated oils used in commercially baked goods and fast foods -- but also found in products from ruminant animals) seem to be associated with seriously increased risk of heart attacks.