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1. in organic chemistry, having certain atoms or radicals on opposite sides of a nonrotatable parent structure.
2. in genetics, denoting two or more loci, especially pseudoalleles, occurring on opposite chromosomes of a homologous pair. See alsocis.
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In chemistry, of two groups having the configuration of being on opposite sides of a ring or a double bond. Compare CIS.
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Q. My mother had a chest pain and she was sent for a TEE. When do you need a TEE and when a normal echo is fine? My mother had a chest pain few weeks ago. we were sure its a heart attack and went to the ER. There the doctors did some tests and she was sent for a (trans thoracic echocardiogram) TEE. I want to know when do you need a TEE and when you can do just a normal echocardiogram because the TEE was very painful for her and we want to know if ther was a better way.

A. The main difference between TEE and normal echo is that in TEE u put the transducer directly in the esophagus. The transducer is the same and the idea is to put it as close as possible to the heart.
As far as I know there are some heart situations the TEE is better for diagnosis that normal echo. Maybe your mom had one of those situations?
I can recommend you to ask the ER doctor. he will probably be able to give a better explanation for his choice

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Some of the ( health issues caused by artificial trans fat are the following according to Healthline.A
Hamad Al Rahoumi, a member of the House from Dubai, demanded that the UAE fast-track and enforce compliance of WHO policies and regulations on trans fat as early as possible, considering their serious impact on health.
Fortunately, trans people in Scotland already have many existing rights that protect us from discrimination, and allow us to interact with society in line with our identity.
"Baked and fried street and restaurant food often contains industriallyproduced trans fat.
Specifically for trans men, oppression comes in multiple, layered dimensions.
Since New York City and several counties in New York state implemented a restaurant ban on trans fats in 2007, a study found that hospital admissions for heart attacks and strokes in those areas shrank by 6 percent starting three years after the ban vis-a-vis counties without the ban.
"We came up short, but in the tradition of American politics, which is, unfortunately, seriously threatened today, everyone gave it their best," says Beyers, who was thanked on election night by a woman she mentored--Sharon Brackett, the first trans woman to be elected to a public office in Maryland (for the 46th District Democratic Central Committee).
In Denmark, the first country to mandate restrictions on industrially-produced trans fats, the trans fat content of food products declined dramatically and cardiovascular disease deaths declined reasonably.
WHO is also using this milestone to work with governments, the food industry, academia and civil society to make food systems healthier for future generations, including by eliminating industrially-produced trans fats."
figure By AGGREY OMBOKIbr The World Health Organisation (WHO) has urged governments around the globe to ban the use of trans fats.In a set of guidelines issued by the UN health agency, trans fats should be eradicated from global food supplies by 2023, potentially saving 10 million lives.
Eliminating trans fats is key to protecting health and saving lives: WHO estimates that every year, trans fat intake leads to more than 500,000 deaths of people from cardiovascular disease.