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(trăng′kwə-līz′, trăn′-)
v. tranquil·ized, tranquil·izing, tranquil·izes also tranquil·lized or tranquil·lizing or tranquil·lizes
To sedate or relieve of anxiety or tension by the administration of a drug.

tran′quil·i·za′tion (-kwə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.

Patient discussion about tranquilize

Q. can you use zoplidem as tranquilizers is it possible to zolpidem as anti anxiety pills

A. Zolpidem is a medicine for insomnia. it is given only in a really bad case of insomnia. but it will be a little help as an anti anxiety pill. as i said in your first question- there are better medication for need to take Zolpidem.

Q. can you use zoplidem as tranquilizers can you use tramadol in a high dosage for depression as I read that it does have properties to treat depression and anxiety

A. both medications are highly dangerous if taken not according to their instructions. they both need prescription and a doctor observations. and besides, there are much better medications that can help with depression. Tramadol is an opiate so it won't help in the depression department.

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Alas, their tranquilizing attempts seem to have done nothing more than terrorize the bear and contribute greatly to its injured state and thus its mercy killing.
After tranquilizing the cat, game wardens returned it to the area they believe it came from and waited for it to wake up, so it wouldn't be vulnerable to predators, he said.
He and the animal's trainer watched warily from the wings, tranquilizing dart rifles in-hand and backed up by a police SWAT team.
They caught up with the bear at the Ridgeway Country Club in White Plains, where they knocked it out with a tranquilizing dart.
The response was that tranquilizing a large animal that is capable of running 50 mph can take anywhere from two minutes to 12 minutes, depending on its weight, health and where the tranquilizer dart hits the animal, Moore said.
For more than two hours, officials chased the bear before tranquilizing and relocating it to a wooded area nearby.
The idea is to rob smoking of its rewards, such as the taste of tobacco and the tranquilizing and alertness-inducing effects of nicotine.