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a drug with a calming, soothing effect; currently it is usually used to mean an antianxiety agent (minor tranquilizer).
major tranquilizer former term for antipsychotic agent.
minor tranquilizer antianxiety agent.


A drug that promotes tranquility by calming, soothing, quieting, or pacifying with minimal sedating or depressant effects.


/tran·qui·liz·er/ (tran´kwĭ-li″zer) a drug with a calming, soothing effect; usually a minor tranquilizer.
major tranquilizer  former name for antipsychotic agent; see antipsychotic.
minor tranquilizer  antianxiety agent; see antianxiety.




(trăng′kwə-līz′ər, trăn′-)
1. Any of various drugs used to reduce tension or anxiety; an antianxiety agent.
2. Any of various drugs used to treat psychotic states; an antipsychotic drug. Not in scientific use.


Etymology: L, tranquillus, calm
a drug prescribed to calm anxious or agitated people, ideally without decreasing their consciousness. Major tranquilizers are generally used in the treatment of psychoses and are now generally referred to as antipsychotic drugs. Minor tranquilizers are usually prescribed for the treatment of anxiety, irritability, tension, or psychoneurosis and are now generally referred to as antianxiety drugs or sedative-hypnotics. Tranquilizers tend to induce drowsiness and have the potential for causing physical and psychological dependence. Also spelled tranquillizer. See also antipsychotic.


A popular term for a sedative or sedative/hypnotic


A drug that reduces anxiety without sedating or depressant effects.

Tranquilizer (minor)

A drug that has a calming effect and is used to treat anxiety and emotional tension.


Drug that promotes tranquility by calming, and pacifying with minimal sedation.


any of a group of compounds that calm or quiet an anxious patient. There are two types: the major tranquilizers called also neuroleptics (2) or antipsychotic agents, such as acepromazine, and the minor tranquilizers called also antianxiety agents, such as diazepam (Valium). See also psychotropic drugs.

tranquilizer gun

Patient discussion about tranquilizer

Q. can you use zoplidem as tranquilizers is it possible to zolpidem as anti anxiety pills

A. Zolpidem is a medicine for insomnia. it is given only in a really bad case of insomnia. but it will be a little help as an anti anxiety pill. as i said in your first question- there are better medication for need to take Zolpidem.

Q. can you use zoplidem as tranquilizers can you use tramadol in a high dosage for depression as I read that it does have properties to treat depression and anxiety

A. both medications are highly dangerous if taken not according to their instructions. they both need prescription and a doctor observations. and besides, there are much better medications that can help with depression. Tramadol is an opiate so it won't help in the depression department.

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Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services felt they had no choice because a tranquilizer could have taken 10 minutes to 30 minutes to bring down an animal of that size.