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(trăng′kwə-līz′, trăn′-)
v. tranquil·ized, tranquil·izing, tranquil·izes also tranquil·lized or tranquil·lizing or tranquil·lizes
To sedate or relieve of anxiety or tension by the administration of a drug.

tran′quil·i·za′tion (-kwə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Patient discussion about tranquilize

Q. can you use zoplidem as tranquilizers is it possible to zolpidem as anti anxiety pills

A. Zolpidem is a medicine for insomnia. it is given only in a really bad case of insomnia. but it will be a little help as an anti anxiety pill. as i said in your first question- there are better medication for need to take Zolpidem.

Q. can you use zoplidem as tranquilizers can you use tramadol in a high dosage for depression as I read that it does have properties to treat depression and anxiety

A. both medications are highly dangerous if taken not according to their instructions. they both need prescription and a doctor observations. and besides, there are much better medications that can help with depression. Tramadol is an opiate so it won't help in the depression department.

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The officials tranquilized the leopard and kept it in a cage to prevent it from harming others or get harmed by the villagers.
The boar was eventually tranquilized by a vet and taken to an animal rehab center, the South China Morning Post reported.
ATHOL -- Athol residents were saddened yesterday to learn a bear that was tranquilized after it was found wandering around downtown Athol was later euthanized.
The 238-pound black bear was tranquilized after being found up a tree in the town of Vineland, following a one-day hunt.
Doars (WB) June 19 (ANI): Forest officials trapped and tranquilized a leopard in West Bengal on Thursday as their rising population is creating a menace in the region.
I watched as DEC staff quickly tranquilized the moose, placed a tracking collar on him, examined him and transported him to a less populated area.
During the day's 500-kilometer-plus drive, the vet kept a pair of tranquilized bulls just alert enough to stand on their own.
After the animal was tranquilized by a department biologist, it was brought down and local firefighters gingerly cut the jar off its head.
ATHOL -- A bear that had been wandering around downtown Athol since Wednesday night was tranquilized and taken away Thursday morning to be released into the wild.
STURBRIDGE - A bear spotted 15 to 20 feet up a tree in a business parking lot was tranquilized and moved to the woods without incident yesterday afternoon.