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(trăng′kwə-līz′, trăn′-)
v. tranquil·ized, tranquil·izing, tranquil·izes also tranquil·lized or tranquil·lizing or tranquil·lizes
To sedate or relieve of anxiety or tension by the administration of a drug.

tran′quil·i·za′tion (-kwə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.

Patient discussion about tranquilize

Q. can you use zoplidem as tranquilizers is it possible to zolpidem as anti anxiety pills

A. Zolpidem is a medicine for insomnia. it is given only in a really bad case of insomnia. but it will be a little help as an anti anxiety pill. as i said in your first question- there are better medication for need to take Zolpidem.

Q. can you use zoplidem as tranquilizers can you use tramadol in a high dosage for depression as I read that it does have properties to treat depression and anxiety

A. both medications are highly dangerous if taken not according to their instructions. they both need prescription and a doctor observations. and besides, there are much better medications that can help with depression. Tramadol is an opiate so it won't help in the depression department.

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For the first time here, we are being taught how to tranquilize leopards.
On June 9, authorities were able to tranquilize and remove another male black bear after it wandered into the backyard of a home at 12 Idalla Ave.
WORCESTER - A state Environmental Police officer shot and killed a 200-pound adolescent male black bear yesterday morning, roughly 25 yards off Interstate 290 at the Hope Avenue ramp, after authorities were unable to herd the cornered animal up a tree to safely tranquilize him.
Finally, in the continuing attempts to tranquilize the bear, it was cornered and another dart found its target.
The amount of drugs to effectually tranquilize a tiger was unknown.
The Fisheries & Wildlife Web site says officials would first watch the bear from a distance, giving it time to move on; use hazing techniques to move the animal in a specific direction; or tranquilize it and move it to a less populated area for release.
Why didn't they try to tranquilize him first and shoot second?
The hope was that Officer Brighenti would be able to shoot the bear with darts and tranquilize it so it could be taken to an unpopulated area and released.