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The ship that Phuong Tran and his four daughters had boarded was headed to Guam, an American territory.
Fox40 News reported that Smith and Tran became friends of sorts years ago when Smith asked to borrow her phone to call his parents.
I still remember that day we were in prison," said Tran, "I was like 'wow this is not fun' and my mom had to bail us out.
You pass by, you don't know that we make hot sauce," Tran told reporters after a closed-door meeting the Texas delegation.
The biosolids generated create a significant volume of wet-solid waste that must be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner," Tran said.
While acting as president of Global Stevia JSC over the last three years, Tran has cultivated relationships with government officials and agriculture experts that will assist the company in its future growth.
Tran, of no fixed address, admitted producing cannabis and the Wolverhampton Crown Court recorder said he would deported back to Vietnam when he had served his sentence.
Tran also was elected to the boards for both parent companies of Pacific Life.
Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court was told homeless Vietnamese father Son Tran, 37, had only intended to tend the cannabis factory for two weeks to pay for his fare home.
Tuan Tran, Vice President of Sales for Power Design Services, said, “the EKRA E4 In-line Automatic Screen Printer uses two high resolution cameras to make the process of applying solder paste more accurate.
Hero and deity: Tran Hung Dao and the resurgence of popular religion in Vietnam