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A recreational device consisting of a horizontally-placed heavy-duty cloth bound to a rigid frame by rubberised ‘shock’—bungee—cords
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Laura Gallagher, who is sponsored by Super Tramp and is a world and European medallist trampolinist, will be helping the company to raise money for the CF Trust.
Six elite male performers from national teams (two tumblers, TU1 and TU2; two trampolinists, TR1 and TR2; and two skiers, AC1 and AC2) volunteered to participate in this study.
Each of the trampolinists trains a minimum of four hours per week at the club, based at Ashington Leisure Centre.
What the other trampolinists were doing, Erin Jauch apart, were trying and failing to match Nicole's routine.
It was one cast member's birthday and nobody enjoys a soiree like Russian trampolinists.
TALENTED trampolinists will be jumping for joy if they win your support.
Following on from last year's contest that started with David Thompson progressing through the different stages to eventually become National Under 13's Closed champion in West Sussex, two more talented trampolinists have triumphed in the first stages of competing by finishing first and second in the North West Schools competition.
Five of the club's young trampolinists fought their way through a tough regional qualifier to compete for the North in the next round, and WGTC coach Liz Naylor was selected as team coach for the North team.
Ahead of 2014's first match between the hosts and Croatia which kicks off at 9pm, all eyes will be on the Opening Ceremony as gymnasts, trampolinists, capoeira performers and goodness knows what else show a stadium of 61,606 and billions around the globe how to really throw a party.
The quality of the performances from the trampolinists ensured a highly-competitive atmosphere.
Jump for joy: Trampolinists have reached the national finals.
As well as complete beginners, the course also catered for competitive trampolinists, with advanced coaches at the ready to lend a helping hand for double and twisting somersaults.