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A recreational device consisting of a horizontally-placed heavy-duty cloth bound to a rigid frame by rubberised ‘shock’—bungee—cords
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To compete as a Senior Elite athlete, a trampolinist must be at least 17 years old and have attained certain qualifying scores at various tournaments.
COVENTRY knitters are being invited to take up their needles to help raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis Trust by making legwarmers for trampolinists.
A WIRRAL PE teacher whose trampolinists have improved by leaps and bounds has been nominated for a national award.
It's tremendous fun," said Kat, who achieved Britain's best ever finish for a female trampolinist in the 2012 Olympic Games.
It was one cast member's birthday and nobody enjoys a soiree like Russian trampolinists.
Leg strength, endurance, and good 'air sense' - being comfortable being upside down and twisting in the air - are qualities found in the best trampolinists.
BRITAIN'S top trampolinist is to launch a new "spring" attraction in County Durham with the help of some bouncy young sports stars of the future.
CITY OF Liverpool trampolinist Nicole Short brought home a silver medal from the Trampoline World Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida - after listening to "going out music" to get her through the tense wait for glory.
A PRESIDENT Kennedy School pupil is the third best trampolinist of his age in the country.
GREAT Britain trampolinist James Higgins is determined to book his place at the Olympics but knows he faces stiff competition to achieve his dream.
SUNSET COLOURS: Beautiful People perform an African dance in the High Street, above and top, as a trampolinist somersaults in front of the town hall, above right Pictures by IAN COOPER; WHAT A SIGHT: A young visitor gets a closer look at a giant slinky as Big Mob entertain crowds in Stockton centre
The father-of-four, an experienced trampolinist, was being treated for a broken spine at Glasgow's Southern General Hospital