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A recreational device consisting of a horizontally-placed heavy-duty cloth bound to a rigid frame by rubberised ‘shock’—bungee—cords
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Malhan said one hour is about as much time as most people can handle in a trampoline park.
The Sky Zone Deer Park Indoor Trampoline Park is located at 111 Rodeo Drive, Deer Park 11717.
According to former trampoline and aerobics coach Stephanie McMillan, 61, of Christchurch, while the young suffered most injuries those that happened to the elderly were likely to be more serious and likely to take longer to recover from.
A&E consultant Dr David Geggie said: "We are into the second week of the summer holidays, and we are already seeing one to two trampoline injuries a day in the department.
To prevent serious trampoline injuries, such as paralysis, fractures, sprains, and bruises, the CPSC recommends these steps:
Everyone buying a trampoline this year should consider a safety net surround or bury it as the hospital suggests.
About 80% of trampoline injuries requiring emergency care involved falls from the device, 30% involved fractures, and nearly 10% involved head and neck injuries; most of the deaths involved spinal cord injuries.
The researchers concluded that even with warning labels, public education campaigns, and adult supervision, backyard trampolines are still very dangerous.
Only one participant should use the trampoline at any time.
The American Academy of Pediatrics, based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, first called for a ban on the use of trampolines in schools in 1977 because of the high number of injuries associated with the equipment.
A study released in 1996 provided evidence that unsupervised use of trampolines by children is responsible for these injuries.
The implications of the pilot study warranted further research on trampolines specifically designed to prevent injury.