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1. an assemblage of objects having certain things in common.
2. a number of atoms forming a recognizable and usually transferable portion of a molecule.
activity g's groups of individuals with similar needs for occupational therapy who are working on the correction of problems that they hold in common.
azo group the bivalent radical, -N=N-.
blood group see blood group.
control group see control (def. 3).
Diagnosis-Related G's see diagnosis-related groups.
encounter group a sensitivity group in which the members strive to gain emotional rather than intellectual insight, with emphasis on the expression of interpersonal feelings in the group situation.
focus g's individuals with a common interest who meet to explore a problem in depth.
PLT group [psittacosis-lymphogranuloma venereum-trachoma] alternative name for genus Chlamydia.
prosthetic group
1. an organic radical, nonprotein in nature, which together with a protein carrier forms an enzyme.
2. a cofactor tightly bound to an enzyme, i.e., it is an integral part of the enzyme and not readily dissociated from it.
3. a cofactor that may reversibly dissociate from the protein component of an enzyme; a coenzyme.
sensitivity group (sensitivity training group) a nonclinical group intended for persons without severe emotional problems, focusing on self-awareness, self-understanding, and interpersonal interactions and aiming to develop skills in leadership, management, counseling, or other roles. Called also T-group and training group.
support group
1. a group made up of individuals with a common problem, usually meeting to express feelings, vent frustrations, and explore effective coping strategies. Education is a component of some support groups.
2. in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as the use of a group environment to provide emotional support and health-related information for members.
support group (omaha) in the omaha system, regular planned gatherings to accomplish some compatible goal.
group therapy a form of psychotherapy in which a group of patients meets regularly with a group leader, usually a therapist. The group may be balanced, having patients with diverse problems and attitudes, or it may be composed of patients who all have similar diagnoses or issues to resolve. In some groups, patients may be basically mentally healthy but trying to work through external stressors, such as job loss, natural disasters, or physical illness. Self-help groups are groups of people with a commonality of diagnosis (e.g., alcoholism, overeating, or a particular chronic physical illness) or of experience (e.g., rape, incest) and a leader who may be not a therapist but rather one who has experienced a similar problem or situation.

From hearing how the group leader or other members feel about this behavior, the patient may gain insight into his or her anxieties and conflicts. The group may provide emotional support for self-revelation and a structured environment for trying out new ways of relating to people. In contrast, there are other groups that focus on altering behavior, with less or minimal attention paid to gaining insight into the causes of the problems.
therapy group in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as the application of psychotherapeutic techniques to a group, including the utilization of interactions between members of the group. See also group therapy.
training group sensitivity group.

train·ing group (T group),

any group emphasizing training in self-awareness and group dynamics. See: sensitivity training group.

train·ing group

(trān'ing grūp)
1. Any group emphasizing training in self-awareness and group dynamics.
2. biowarfare Group of people practicing to respond to an act of bioterrorism.
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People in the training groups attended 10 twice-weekly, roughly 1-hour sessions.
Robert (Mike) Walden joins the Training Group as a staff instructor.
The remaining participants from the first training group, 1 middle school counselor and 2 high school counselors, were unable to initiate any evaluation activities after the training.
The new recruits join Dawn Wilkinson who was appointed as training coordinator for the Contractors Training Group North East ( last year.
The Swedish private equity company Bure Equity AB said on Thursday (3 June) that it had agreed to sell the IT training services provider Informator Training Group (ITG) to Pegroco AB for an undisclosed sum.
In addition to didactic learning, experiential learning is an important component of training group facilitators.
The Safe Start 2003 seminars will be supported by the Health and Safety Executive, ACAS, local authorities and contractors and will be sponsored by the North Wales Construction Training Group and Ynys Mon and Gwynedd Construction Training Group.
Given that the training manipulation was between groups, we wanted to be certain that there were not any training group differences in demographic characteristics, such as age, education, and health, or in basic abilities, such as perceptual speed, working memory, and verbal skills.
Lois Backus of the abortion training group "Medical Students for Choice" applauds Bloomberg's promise as "extremely brave.
Two groups were tested: a heavy resistance training group using sets of 1-3 reps with 90-100% of maximum strength +1 kilogram, and a low-load training group using 5 sets of 8 reps with 45% of maximum strength.
A COMPUTER training group in Nuneaton has scooped a national award which was set up to connect communities to the web.
government mine removal efforts during the last decade, the Humanitarian and Security Training Group at Star Mountain has supported mine clearance programs to reduce the threat land mines pose to innocent civilians throughout the world.

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