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A GP who has undergone a training and selection process for teaching, and has been appointed by the regional deanery.

Vox populi
One who trains or instructs a person in improving that person’s performance in a particular activity.


Vox populi One who trains or instructs a person in improving that person's performance in a particular activity. See Athletic trainer, Personal trainer.


One who instructs, drills, corrects, or otherwise supports another in the acquisition of a skill or the performance of an activity.
[Med. L. tragino, to direct the growth of a plant]

Patient discussion about trainer

Q. I am a nutrition and wellness trainer. I am a bachelor who is staying with 5 more in a rented room which cost $10 a day. As I am unemployed, five other friends of mine are sharing the rent without taking a single dollar from me as they know my difficulties. I am a nutrition and wellness trainer. I lost my job 2 months back and searching for new one. As I do not have too much of money I also do not eat well. I am scared that I will get sick and not have enough of money for my hospitalization. Please tell me what to do?

A. Please don’t get sick at this point of time both mentally and physically. You could be a nutritionist but you have to learn to apply this to your life also. I am sure at least eat a vegetarian diet and get some nutrition. Do not neglect to eat proteins at least once in a while to prevent protein deficiency. Keep up your spirits, drink plenty of fluids, and keep your mind occupied. I am sure something will land up at your doorstep soon enough.

Q. What would you look for in a fitness consultation trainer? Dear new friends, If you were going to choose a personal trainer for a fitness consultation, what would you look for in that trainer? Is what they ‘look like’ important? Or the years of experience? Or the advice on Nutrition? Would his qualifications matter?

A. i think i would go with an educated one. and someone that you see is fit- if he is fit that means it's important to him and he'll continue learning about new things. and if he is educated and have a degrwee- he'll have the skill to do so.

Q. How can I benefit from hiring a personal trainer so that I can’t escape the schedule? I am interested in improving my health for which I am trying for the past few years but now I took steps to fulfill that. How can I benefit from hiring a personal trainer so that I can’t escape the schedule?

A. You didn’t mention your age. Whatever your age might be there are numerous ways you can benefit from utilizing a trainer. A personal trainer can help pinpoint the specific goals that are important to you. CFR trainers can make sure you reach these goals through a personalized fitness program. Therefore, you know what direction you are taking, instead of being uncertain and taking a risk with your results.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when working with a fitness coach:

• Weight Loss
• Increased Endurance
• Increased Definition (Toning)
• Improve Muscle Imbalances
• Increased Flexibility
• Decreased Risk of Injury
• Improved Coordination & Balance
• Increased Metabolism
• Increased Knowledge
• Build Larger muscles (Bodybuilding)
• Improved Overall Health
• Guaranteed Fitness and Results!
• Increased Strength
• Decreased Body Fat
• Improved Posture
• Strengthen Lower Back
• Increased Bone Density
• Decreased Risk Of Diseases

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EDM provides airlines with door trainers, cabin service trainers, cabin emergency evacuation trainers and full size mockups and defense organizations with procedure trainers, maintenance trainers, ejection seats, simulators and full-size replicas.
More Than a Baby Sitter: Make sure your goals for working with your trainer go beyond "making'' yourself get to the gym.
A second option when it comes to software for personal trainers, the Fitness Business Ninja service helps personal trainers manage their business and increase profits, providing an all-in-one online business solution for personal trainers when it comes to customer service, administrative and fitness business tasks.
Rapport and Trust Most importantly, you need to "click" with your trainer as you are going to ask them to support, advise and motivate you to make some real changes in your life.
If O'Neill shows up at Churchill Downs on May 5 with a threesome or more, he'll jump out of the storybooks and into the volumes that define stardom for modern thoroughbred trainers.
To become a marine mammal trainer at a marine park, such as SeaWorld, a job candidate must be athletically fit.
If you don't know where to begin your search, ask friends or relatives who may have worked with a trainer before.
PEACEFUL WAVES HEALING CENTER GYROTONIC[R], GYROKINESIS[R], Pre-training & Foundation Teacher Training with Master Trainers Donna Place & Serafina Pechan.
Investing the time to properly plan a fitness program and select the most desirable physical trainer for the department will glean the most positive results; planning the program takes time and effort.
The salary of an athletic trainer depends on experience and responsibilities and varies by job setting.
When Phil Hossler confers with ATCs who are seeking advice in the planning of a new facility, he recommends a 1,000 square-foot room and the necessity for the trainer to have input in the construction.
The low-impact, oval motion of the elliptical trainer in which the foot does not leave the pedal, produces a workout of similar intensity but without the impact of a treadmill.

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