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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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III - Part III - Calendar book of the Eastern Trail Bike A5; Calendar notesowy East
FUN: Honda's 125cc trail bike is good for weekday commutes and weekend mud
IT'S 30 years since BMW turned the bike world upside down with a bigengined trail bike.
Of course, it's been rebuilt from scratch, retaining nothing of its outdated predecessor, with the basic adventure bike specs of twin cylinder engine, shaft drive, 19-inch front wheel and big trail bike style all present.
Fragments of a burnt-out Suzuki DZR 400cc trail bike used by the arsonist were found next to the hole.
Wirecutters were used to cut a 6ft hole in the perimeter fence running alongside a secluded alleyway off the Coventry Road before the arsonist used a trail bike to carry out the attack.
Some of the world's best skaters, BMXers and trail bike riders are to ride from the roof of Baltic down to the ground floor through the galleries and down the staircases of all five floors.
Martin Mulcahy, 22, was riding a trail bike with another man along Kingsley Avenue when the accident occurred at about 4.
The Woodland Trail, Canoe Canal Trail, Walnut Road and Riverside Trail bike paths will be paved.
His pounds 300 trail bike was taken," says Caroline 41, a nurse from Chelmsford, Essex.
The contract is for the preparation and delivery of information materials in the form of leaflets about biking on the eastern trail bike green velo stands and information boards and signage.