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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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Trail bike riding in native bush-land remnants is a popular recreation for many urban and rural Australians, and frog larvae in small streams and ephemeral pools may be susceptible to crushing by trail bike traffic, including when they are metamorphosing, particularly when ephemeral water bodies start to dry out and riders are more prepared to enter them.
On the second day, we traveled 52 miles from Medina to Nazareth College in Pittsford, almost all of which was on the Canalway Trail bike path.
FUN: Honda's 125cc trail bike is good for weekday commutes and weekend mud
But he soon got his cheeky smile back when he donned a shiny crash helmet and leapt on the back of a trail bike to follow the field.
1980), injuries to a child sustained in an accident on a public street on an insured's trail bike were excluded, from coverage under the insured's homeowner's policy.
Dedicated trailbike riding facilities include a new, separate carpark for easier access to the Gheerulla Trail Bike Circuit.
This is the ultimate women's full-suspension trail bike, designed and engineered to give active-lifestyle riders the best fitting and most capabale bike in the sport.
It's the Honda CRF250M, a supermoto style machine that's based on the CRF250L trail bike that we tested a few months ago.
Berry Smith LLP is taking part in the Taff Trail Bike Ride on October 8, cycling 55 miles from Brecon to Cardiff Bay in aid of St David's Foundation Hospice Care.
IT'S 30 years since BMW turned the bike world upside down with a bigengined trail bike.
Of course, it's been rebuilt from scratch, retaining nothing of its outdated predecessor, with the basic adventure bike specs of twin cylinder engine, shaft drive, 19-inch front wheel and big trail bike style all present.
Fragments of a burnt-out Suzuki DZR 400cc trail bike used by the arsonist were found next to the hole.