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proprietary name

A commercial name granted by a naming authority for use in marketing a drug/device product in a particular jurisdiction.

trade name

The trademark name or commercial trade name for a material or product

trade name,

n 1. the name under which a company conducts its business.
2. the commercial name of a company's product.
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ARTICLE (6): Priority for registering trade names, in the instance of application by more than one person requesting the registering of the same name, shall be decided according to their precedence in submitting the application.
As per the agreement, DED will authorise the use of its data licensing system to DSOA to record trade names.
Since the firm's identity is a major investment, it is essential to check the governing rules of professional conduct when going forward with a name change or advancing a trade name or nickname.
The CD-ROM contains 25,000 chemicals and 150,000 synonyms with full text search and dynamic indexes for locating chemicals by generic name, synonym, trade name, CAS number, SMILES formula, and chemical formula.
The IRS viewed it as "disingenuous" for anyone to assert that all trademarks and trade names are alike.
com/reports/c13834 ) has announced the addition of Chemical Manufacturers Directory of Trade Name Products Third Edition 2004 to their offering.
The value of a trade name rests on its ability to motivate a consumer to purchase a particular product and, in this way, generate sales.
Handbook of Solvents, Second Edition provides comprehensive information on approximately 3000 trade name and generic solvent chemicals.
Hyperlinking: Trade names to Trade name Section, Generics to Generic Chemical section For more information visit: http://www.
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1972(e)(3) provides that "the acquisition of a franchise, trademark, or trade name constitutes the acquisition of a trade or business" unless "its value is nominal or the taxpayer irrevocably disposes of it immediately after its acquisition.
Although most costs associated with trademarks and trade names are required to be capitalized, the courts have consistently held that certain expenses are deductible under Sec.