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Linear Recording Products: (tracks are recorded parallel with face of longtitudial tape) In linear drives the basic recording technique is similar between TRAVAN, SLR, SC50, and DLT-1 drives (there are variations in recording density/encoding, track pitch, and number of parallel channels).
In addition, to accommodate the disc's extremely narrow track pitch, high-precision mastering and injection technology achieve the exceptionally accurate recording and playback stability demanded by the Professional Disc System.
Track pitch will be reduced approximately eight percent and written mark size will shrink by about 32 percent
The smaller pits have a tighter spiral track pitch, so more data can be stored.
Physical track pitch and minimum track length were miniaturized to increase data capacity from 650MB to 1.
This recording approach allows for a narrower track pitch, resulting in more efficient use of the total recording surface of the disk.
575 Recording layer Phase change Phase Change Magneto Optical Recording format Land&Groove Land&Groove Land&Groove Recording side both sides both sides both sides Track Pitch 0.
4 KTPI, On Track Error Rate of less than one in a billion with an Off Track Capability of 22% of the track pitch.
7 GB proposal also retains the constant-linear-density recording method, and uses the same track pitch and channel bit length as ROM and video discs to provide easy compatibility.
Architected for any mastering need, it is fully compatible with existing, photoresist mastering processes, and provides the best DVD pit geometry and track pitch accuracy possible.