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The average daily track density (T2/km/day) was used to estimate moose density (N2/1,000 ha) and the number of moose per forest inventory unit (1,000-2,000 ha).
Areal density, the product of track density and the number of bits per track, has increased by a factor of three million in just over 40 years.
This approach makes it possible to increase the track density - and hence drive capacity.
See white paper "Modified Time-Based Servo Enables Increased Track Density on Tape" at http://www.
The increased track density will be complemented with higher bit densities made possible by advanced, high-density recording materials.
The AIT-3 drives incorporate Sony's patented HyperMetal(TM) laminate head technology, doubling the track density while maintaining highest data integrity.
This surface smoothness and uniformity allows for the increased bit and track density needed to manufacture higher capacity cartridges.
Heat is reduced, and track density has increased with the introduction of Laser Guided Magnetic Recording (LGMR).
With this proprietary technology, Imation is able to achieve the surface smoothness and uniformity required for the increased bit and track density needed to store multiple terabytes on a single cartridge.
That's because the smaller the diameter of light, the higher the track density and the higher the bit density that can be achieved.
The demonstration parameters were: Linear density of 511 KBPI, Track density of 70.
Due to the improved isolation of the area where magnetically recorded data are placed, much higher signal overwrite and signal output can be achieved with a DTR disk than with an equivalent conventional disk with the same data track density.