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Among the variables not included in any of our alternative models, predator track density is the most peculiar one.
The average daily track density (T2/km/day) was used to estimate moose density (N2/1,000 ha) and the number of moose per forest inventory unit (1,000-2,000 ha).
Increasing track density and shorter tape paths has strained the ability of guiding elements to deliver smooth motion over the head.
If not properly handled, high-capacity tape cartridges are susceptible to damage due to the increased linear density, increased track density and subsequent positioning of the data and servo tracks closer to the edges of the tape.
This technique allows for a significant increase in track density, while maintaining data integrity.
DAT 72's 80% capacity boost over DDS-4 is the result of technology enhancements in four key areas: increasing tape length to 170 meters, transitioning to a higher output MP formulation, a substantial boost in recording density from 122 to 162 kbpi, and increased track density.
This approach makes it possible to increase the track density - and hence drive capacity.
Areal density, the product of track density and the number of bits per track, has increased by a factor of three million in just over 40 years.
The AIT-3 drives incorporate Sony's patented HyperMetal(TM) laminate head technology, doubling the track density while maintaining highest data integrity.
The increased track density will be complemented with higher bit densities made possible by advanced, high-density recording materials.
8 times through the increment of track density and linear record density using the land & groove recording method.
The increased capacity of AIT-3 was achieved by doubling the track density (expressed as recording tracks per inch) compared to the AIT-1 and AIT-2, while the doubling of the data transfer rate was achieved by simultaneously utilizing two recording heads on-tape.