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Rough-surfaced nails.
[G. trachys, rough, + onyx, onychos, nail, + suffix -ia, condition]


/tra·chy·onych·ia/ (trak″e-o-ni´ke-ah) roughness of nails, with brittleness and splitting.


acute or chronic inflammation of nail unit; associated with bacterial infection of nail bed and/or matrix and resultant nail plate dystrophy; see paronychia
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Nails as described earlier, show changes in the form of pitting or trachyonychia.
Trachyonychia associated with alopecia areata: a clinical and pathological study.
31) Other nail features in AA are trachyonychia, Beaus lines, onychorhexis, thinning or thickening, onychomadesis, koilonychia, punctuate or transverse leukonychia and red spotted lunula.