tracheotomy tube

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tracheostomy tube

a curved tube used to keep the opening free after tracheotomy; may be metal or plastic.
Synonym(s): tracheotomy tube

tracheotomy tube

A curved tube used to keep the stoma unobstructed after tracheotomy.

tracheotomy tube

Etymology: Gk, tracheia, rough artery, temnein, to cut; L, tubus
a curved hollow tube of rubber, metal, or plastic surgically inserted in the trachea to relieve a breathing obstruction.

tra·che·ot·o·my tube

(trā'kē-ot'ŏ-mē tūb)
A curved tube used to keep an opening free after tracheotomy. May be metal or plastic.


incision of the trachea through the skin and muscles of the neck for exploration, for removal of a foreign body, or for obtaining a biopsy specimen or removing a local lesion.

tracheotomy tube
see tracheostomy tube.
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Contract notice: Supply of medical equipment already, equipment urological already, accessories disposable set the type of shaver laryngological, tape for surgical procedures loop suspension of the urethra and systems for the front and rear repair the diaphragm urinary gender, cannulas Venflon and dressings mountings, equipment already for the neonatal unit , surgical suture, operating drapes and tubing, tracheotomy tubes, connectors anesthetic, antibacterial filters, heat exchangers and moisture and reuse of equipment for the Regional Hospital in Lomza.
Also included were tracheotomy tubes (used to allow people to breathe without using their nose or mouth) designed for younger patients.
Nurses' educational level did not influence whether they had sufficient knowledge of tracheotomy management to adequately care for patients with displaced tracheotomy tubes and obstructed upper airways; in one example, nurses selected an action that would be appropriate for emergency management of the tracheotomy patient with an unobstructed upper airway, but more than 25% of the nurses selected this same action again for the same scenario with a patient with an obstructed upper airway, which would cause death in the patient.
Bacterial biofilm presence in pediatric tracheotomy tubes.
G wanted his gastrostomy and tracheotomy tubes pulled.
Palmdale school officials are also preparing to assist eight disabled pupils who require medical machinery to suction out tracheotomy tubes or to help with breathing.
These include care of respiratory equipment, suctioning techniques, care of tracheotomy tubes, prevention of aspiration with enteral feedings, and so on.
Implemed believes that its OLIGON technology can be used to manufacture virtually all short-term, long-term and implantable medical devices where infection is a concern, including vascular access catheters, urinary catheters, chest drainage tubes, tracheotomy tubes, heart valves, wound dressings and ventilation tubes.
Severe injuries, cancer, excessive vomiting, birth defects, and nasogastric or tracheotomy tubes can all cause strictures.
The course includes instruction from specialists, such as cardiologists, neurologists and ER physicians, from across Middle Tennessee, from whom the EMS providers gain skills in management of tracheotomy tubes, cardiac interventions, initiation and management of ventilators, chest tubes and surgical airways and more.
The literature is replete with reports of complications associated with standard tracheotomy tubes, but there is little information regarding the complications associated with fenestrated tubes, especially granulation tissue.
Shortly after the catastrophe, ESI established a direct support link with MediSend/International, a Dallas-based medical relief organization, to provide much-needed supplies such as blood collection sets, IV catheters, examination tables, gloves, IV poles, tracheotomy tubes, and epidural and spinal anesthesia.