tracheotomy tube

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tracheostomy tube

a curved tube used to keep the opening free after tracheotomy; may be metal or plastic.
Synonym(s): tracheotomy tube
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tracheotomy tube

A curved tube used to keep the stoma unobstructed after tracheotomy.
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tra·che·ot·o·my tube

(trā'kē-ot'ŏ-mē tūb)
A curved tube used to keep an opening free after tracheotomy. May be metal or plastic.
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Failure to, in a timely fashion, detect a tracheotomy tube displacement into the subcutaneous tissues of a patient who has a tracheotomy inserted as a protective measure in anticipation of a future upper airway obstruction and intervene may result in increased patient morbidity and mortality.
"I was fed by a tube for nine weeks and had a tracheotomy tube inserted into my throat to help me breathe.
A tracheotomy tube was incorrectly inserted during treatment for throat cancer, an inquest into his death has heard.
He couldn't move because he had nothing left with which to push himself into motion except for a bit of arm that was immobilized in bandages, and he couldn't speak because of the tracheotomy tube that had been inserted into his throat.
Quickly, Officer Tiger forced entry into the residence and found the baby, who normally breathes through a tracheotomy tube with the help of an oxygen tank, blue in color.
So, in this issue, we will tackle one of the most fundamental of issues relating to aerosol delivery during mechanical ventilation, namely, what is the effect of the tracheotomy tube (trach) or endotracheal tube (ETT) on aerosol delivery and deposition?
The quality of their care inspired me as I learned the importance and demands of monitoring, medicating, observing, suctioning a tracheotomy tube, changing dressings, giving shots, and caring for both nasogastric and PEG feeding tubes.
Those first pre-motherhood icons were small, quick portraits, like one she did of former Eugene (now Portland) artist and arts patron Carolezoom Patterson, capturing Patterson's wide-eyed enthusiasm as well as her white tracheotomy tube.
Either way, a catastrophe can be avoided if someone is immediately able to clear or replace the tracheotomy tube.
Carla Sutton prepares to clean Gavin White's tracheotomy tube, she caresses the soft wisps of hair on his head.
He is currently breathing with the aid of a tracheotomy tube but David and Victoria are hoping that will be removed as he gets older.
The Holy Father had better not lose consciousness or else his tracheotomy tube might be removed; nor people with colostomies, whose openings could be sewed up while they were unaware; nor people with pacemakers or those on life-sustaining medications.