tracheotomy tube

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tracheostomy tube

a curved tube used to keep the opening free after tracheotomy; may be metal or plastic.
Synonym(s): tracheotomy tube

tracheotomy tube

A curved tube used to keep the stoma unobstructed after tracheotomy.

tracheotomy tube

Etymology: Gk, tracheia, rough artery, temnein, to cut; L, tubus
a curved hollow tube of rubber, metal, or plastic surgically inserted in the trachea to relieve a breathing obstruction.

tra·che·ot·o·my tube

(trā'kē-ot'ŏ-mē tūb)
A curved tube used to keep an opening free after tracheotomy. May be metal or plastic.


incision of the trachea through the skin and muscles of the neck for exploration, for removal of a foreign body, or for obtaining a biopsy specimen or removing a local lesion.

tracheotomy tube
see tracheostomy tube.
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The hospital used a tracheotomy tube sold by Tyco Healthcare Japan, Inc.
To project his voice, he kept his right hand over his throat to cover a hole left from a tracheotomy tube.
Because he is paralyzed from the neck down, Garret needs constant one-on-one assistance to feed him, perform bladder catheterizations, suction his tracheotomy tube, and monitor his ventilator.
At the end of July 1995, staff at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital responded to Mrs Watts' hysterical cries for help and found that the tracheotomy tube had become detached from Abigail's throat.
Severe stenosis * Excessive granulation tissue * Severe tracheomalacia * Tracheal edema * Medical instability * Copious, thick secretions * Bilateral vocal cord paralysis - adducted position * Severely reduced lung compliance * Foam-filled cuffed tracheotomy tube
In addition, it was necessary for the nurse to remain with Bevin to prevent injury due to a mucous plug in the tracheotomy tube.
We present an unusual case of a 44-year-old woman who developed acute airway obstruction from a myofibroma in the oropharynx and accordingly required emergent tracheotomy tube placement.
His condition, arhinia, means he has to breathe through a tracheotomy tube in his neck.
London, May 16 ( ANI ): Robin Gibb, who is suffering from colon cancer, has not spoken for a week and is said to be communicating by blinking due to a tracheotomy tube in his neck.
But despite recovering from the operation he still has to use a tracheotomy tube to help him breathe and undergoes regular check ups at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool.
He had been dependant on a tracheotomy tube since being partially paralysed in a road accident at the age of 16.