tracheo- (trā´kēō),

comb combining form denoting connection with or relation to the trachea.
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anomaly GIA defect 1 -- -- Absent right 1st metacarpal, hypoplastic right thumb 2 * -- Tracheo Bilateral -oesophageal hypoplastic fistula radii, bilateral absent 1st metacarpal and thumb 3 -- -- Bilateral hypoplastic 1st metacarpals 4 Ventricular -- Bilateral absent septal thumbs defect 5 -- -- Bilateral hypoplastic 1st metacarpals and proximally inserted thumbs 6 -- -- -- 7 * Patent -- Hypoplastic left ductus radius and left arteriosus thumb 8 -- -- Bilateral hypoplastic thumbs Pigment Hearing No.
Contract notice:Supply of sterile and implantable medical devices for ENT / ophthalmo / tracheo and various Chir plastic.
Iatrogenic Tracheo Esophageal Fistula (TEF) in adults is a rare complication occurring secondary to trauma and prolonged intubation.
7 WINDOWS FITTED FROM "She's putting on a brave face and she's also been a bit cheeky - the nurses told her that until she can stick her tongue out she wouldn't be able to have the tracheo taken out.
When William was born on Mother's Day 2012 he was found to have a rare condition known as VACTERL, with each letter standing for a different issue - Vertebra, Anal, Cadiac, Tracheo, Esophageal, Renal, Limbs.
They diagnosed her with three life-threatening conditions - bilateral vocal cord paralysis, tracheo bronchial malacia and subglottic stenosis.
Here we report the first culture independent analysis of a young chick died of respiratory disease using tracheo broncho alveolar lavage (T-BAL).
She had something called tracheo oesophageal fistula syndrome, which meant she couldn't swallow, her trachea would deflate and she would stop breathing.
She had something called tracheo oesophageal fistula syndrome which meant she couldn't swallow and her trachea would deflate and she would stop breathing.
Rate heterogeneity among lineages of tracheo phytes: integration of molecular and fossil data and evidence for molecular living fossils.
Her daughter Harriet was born in 1995 with the rare condition oesphagheal atresia with tracheo oesphagheal fistula.