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The conductive portion of the boto and tucuxi respiratory tract consists of the trachea, tracheal bronchus, right and left main bronchi and secondary bronchi, all of which have incomplete cartilaginous rings with a rounded shape (Fig.
The trachea is a tube that begins in the larynx and ends in the tracheal bifurcation of the main bronchi.
The trachea of the analyzed boto and tucuxis also demonstrated trabecular surface pattern, a result compatible with Reidenberg & Laitman (2014), who concluded that such a tracheal pattern in these animals facilitates the contraction of volume, since this portion of the tracheal wall is flexible.
During the 3-month follow-up, X-ray investigation showed that the artificial trachea had become a part of the recipient's trachea in good position, and its diameter was almost equivalent to the native trachea.
Later, trachea lumen above the tracheotomy closed from granulation [Figure 1]c that resulted in a lost voice.
Primary anastomosis of trachea after resection of a long-segment around 6 cm is extremely difficult.
2) Computed tomography (CT) images were obtained to accurately measure the strictured areas of the tracheal lumen as well as the maximum diameter of the healthy trachea cranial and caudal to these areas.
This customized stent was manufactured to be 10% oversized, self-expanding, and equivalent to the maximum diameter of the healthy-appearing areas of trachea cranial and caudal to the strictured area.
Tracheoscopy revealed thick, yellowish, mucoid exudate lining the trachea cranial to the stent and extending down the tracheal wall.
1) Effect on tracheal resting tension - this test examined the effect of the drug on the simulating condition of the resting trachea condition;
3) Effect of Kidsolone on electrically induced contractions - electrical stimulation of this tissue causes parasympathetic nerve remnants in the trachea to release the transmitter acetylcholine.
Because no suitable donor windpipe was available, the transplantation of the synthetic tissue engineered trachea was performed as the last possible option for the patient, referred by Prof.