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The mass, which was attached to the left posterolateral tracheal wall, was detached from the first and second tracheal cartilages along with the overlying mucosa.
11) The recurrent nerves of this bird were torn when the adhered sternotracheal muscles were being dissected from the abnormal tracheal cartilages.
There was no tracheal cartilage tenderness, and chest computed tomography showed neither interstitial pneumonia nor tracheal stenosis.
Beneath the epithelium and occupying the area between it and the tracheal cartilages was a solid lesion that was well vascularized and consisted of connective tissue (including bands of fibroblasts), foamy macrophages, clumps of giant cells, a minimal to moderate lymphocytic infiltration, and a few cholesterol clefts.
Examination of the excised specimen showed that a transglottic tumor had involved the upper two tracheal cartilages, the laryngeal cartilage, and the thyroid gland (figure 4).
25 cm transversely as well as vertically and is usually placed anterior to the second and third tracheal cartilages (1).