carina of trachea

(redirected from tracheal carina)

ca·ri·na of tra·che·a

the ridge separating the openings of the right and left main bronchi at their junction with the trachea.
Synonym(s): carina tracheae [TA], tracheal carina
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For the 3 patients of the Arndt group, the tip of the blocker was dislodged above the tracheal carina, while for the 3 patients of the L-DLT group, the endobronchial cuff was herniated above the tracheal carina.
4) Most cysts are located in the mediastinum near the tracheal carina, but 15% may occur in the lung parenchyma.
A type 4 cleft extends into the thoracic trachea and extends variably toward the tracheal carina.
Of 22 OLA cases performed by anaesthetists with limited thoracic experience, herniation of the Arndt EB above the tracheal carina occurred in seven patients and the EB was inflated within the trachea in one (how the EB came to be located in the trachea was not stated) (4).
Intratracheal thyroid tissue can be found anywhere between the glottis and tracheal carina and usually presents as a broad-based, smooth, circular mass that originates from the posterolateral wall and projects into the tracheal lumen.
Before the flange is secured to the patient's neck, its position can be adjusted to create a tube of almost any desired length, even long enough to reach the tracheal carina.