tracheal bronchus

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tracheal bronchus

An accessory bronchus that branches off directly from the trachea, the carina, or another bronchus. It is an ectopic malformation of the respiratory tract that usually runs to the right upper lobe of the lung. Synonym: bronchus suis
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pl. bronchi [L.] any of the larger passages conveying air to (right or left principal bronchus) and within the lungs (lobar and segmental bronchi). See also respiration, bronchial.

bronchus clamp
like a bowel clamp but with solid straight blades. Has ratcheted handles.
tracheal bronchus
a lobar bronchus originating directly from the trachea in pigs and cattle, and which aerates the cranial lobe of the right lung.
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This tracheal bronchus in boto and tucuxi corresponds to type II of the Nakakuki model, because in these Amazonian cetaceans, the bifurcation in the tracheal bronchus starts in the middle portion of the trachea when compared to other river dolphins (Nakakuki, 1980 apud Kida).
3 A: Photomicrograph of part of the tracheal bronchus of the tucuxi calf, with spacing between the rings (arrow) (He); B: Photomicrograph of trachea with elastic fibers of tucuxi calf (HE); C: Tracheal bronchus photomicrograph of tucuxi calf (HE); D: Photomicrograph of fibrous tunic of the tucuxi calf (MEV); E: Visceral pulmonary pleura photomicrograph of adult boto (MEV).
Surgical resection of lung cancer originating in a tracheal bronchus.
Tracheal bronchus is subdivided into supernumerary and displaced types.
In most cases, the tracheal bronchus originates less than 2 cm from the carina.
3) Tracheal bronchus is also associated with cardiovascular abnormalities.
conclude that the presence of a clinically significant tracheal bronchus should be considered in every child with recurrent right upper lobe pneumonia, especially in those with Down's syndrome or rib abnormalities.
A higher occurrence of tracheal bronchus has been found in patients with congenital heart diseases, with other vascular abnormalities also described.
Our patient had a displaced type II right-sided tracheal bronchus, with multiple associated pulmonary, hepatic and renal vascular anomalies.
If a tracheal bronchus is detected, it is important to exclude other cardiovascular and pulmonary abnormalities.