trabecular meshwork

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trabecular tissue of sclera

the network of fibers (pectinate ligaments) at the iridocorneal angle between the anterior chamber of the eye and the venous sinus of the sclera; it contains spaces between the fibers that are involved in drainage of the aqueous humor and is composed of two portions: the corneoscleral part (the part attached to the sclera) and the uveal part (the part attached to the iris).

trabecular meshwork

The fibrous basement membrane in the angle between the iris and the corneal-sclera junction. Aqueous humour exits the anterior chamber of the eye through spaces in the trabecular meshwork and enters the venous sinus of the sclera (i.e., the canal of Schlemm).

Trabecular meshwork

A sponge-like tissue located near the cornea and iris that functions to drain the aqueous humor from the eye into the blood.
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meshwork, trabecular

Meshwork of connective tissue located at the angle of the anterior chamber of the eye and containing endothelium-lined spaces (the intertrabecular spaces) through which passes the aqueous humour to Schlemm's canal. It is usually divided into two parts: the corneoscleral meshwork which is in contact with the cornea and the sclera and opens into Schlemm's canal and the uveal meshwork which faces the anterior chamber. See phacolytic glaucoma; plateau iris; anterior limiting ring of Schwalbe; pigment dispersion syndrome.
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VESNEO is thought to increase aqueous humor outflow by acting on both the uveoscleral (non-conventional) pathway via latanoprost acid, and trabecular meshwork and Schlemm's canal (conventional pathway) via nitric oxide signaling.
Both the UK and the Chinese studies will examine if selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT)--which aims to improve drainage through the trabecular meshwork and reduce intraocular pressure --offers a better outcome for glaucoma patients than eye drops alone.
SLT therapy works by targeting melanin-rich cells that absorb the laser energy to induce a healing response, improving the function of the trabecular meshwork.
The study shows that the new layer, is located at the back of the cornea between the corneal stroma and Descemet's membrane, makes an important contribution to the sieve-like trabecular meshwork in the cornea.
Replacing damaged cells with stem cells in the trabecular meshwork may well increase the outflow and thus lower the pressure and protect the optic nerve.
They focus on the use of these techniques to address intraocular pressure control and detail the history of glaucoma surgery, the evolution of defining MIGS, basic anatomy and wound-healing considerations, and specific devices and approaches, including trabecular meshwork bypass devices, Schlemm's canal devices, suprachoroidal devices, ab interno stenting procedures, ab interno trabeculectomy, endocyclophotocoagulation and other cyclodestructive procedures, and cataract surgery, ending with emerging surgical interventions and non-MIGS procedures.
Inotek s main item is trabodenoson, an eye drop that raises steady flow of aqueous fluid through the eye s trabecular meshwork.
Aqueous humor is produced by the ciliary body of the eye and it flows through the trabecular meshwork to ensure that the eye is firm so that it can function optically.
The iris leaflets near the iridocorneal angle were adherent to the posterior aspect of the trabecular meshwork.
At an area of eye called the drainage angle, this fluid passes through a mesh-like structure called the trabecular meshwork made of cells and support tissues, or matrix.
Along with a review of preventative measures, contributors explain age-related changes and diseases of the eyelid, optics, cornea, lens, extracellular matrix of the trabecular meshwork, glial and mobile cells in the Iris, vitreous, retina, retinal pigmented epithelium, choroid, lachrymal gland, and oculomotor system.
The persistence of the prominent trabecular meshwork of sponge-like myocardium is the constant characteristic findings of ventricular noncompaction.