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(tră-bĕk′ū-lă) (-lē) plural.trabeculae [L., a little beam]
1. A cord of tissue that serves as a supporting structure by forming a septum that extends into an organ from its wall or capsule.
2. The network of osseous tissue that makes up the cancellous structure of a bone.

trabecula carneae

Any of the thick muscular tissue bands attached to the inner walls of the ventricles of the heart.
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  1. a pair of cartilage bars in the vertebrate embryo which form the front part of the floor of the cranium.
  2. the bony columns in long bones which may become ossified and solidified but which in birds remain intact to provide a light skeleton for flight.
  3. the rod-shaped supporting structures of various plant organs.
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Neoplastic components with reddish color, delineated by thin bluish connective tissue trabeculae. Masson's trichrome staining.
where "P (trabeculae)" was the grid points number falling on the trabeculae and "P (reference)" was the grid points number falling on the reference bone tissues.
In this article we introduce a stereological parameter for quantitation of new bone structure -the star volume- which does give an absolute and a reasonably precise estimate of the size of the trabeculae and of the size of the marrow space in three-dimensional terms (mm3 or mm3), applied to evaluate the new bone formation derived from bone substitutes.
Caption: Figure 2: Pre- and post-contrast axial magnetic resonance images revealed a lesion in the proximal metaphysis of the ulna, which was (a) isointense on T1-weighted imaging and (b) hyperintense on fat-saturated T2-weighted imaging with internal trabeculae. (c) Post-contrast fat-saturated T1-weighted imaging demonstrated mild rim enhancement.
Caption: Figure 5: (a) Hepatoid adenocarcinomatous components in trabeculae, polygonal cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm (H&E); (b) AFP (Dako A0008,1:2000, citrate at 98[degrees]C for 30 min); (c) HepPar-1 (Dako M7158,1:900, EDTA at 98[degrees]C for 32 min); (d) arginase-1 (Cell Marque 380R-16, 1:400, EDTA at 98[degrees]C for 30 min).
In a morphometric study, it was found that the combination of rosuvastatin with L-norvaline in the previously indicated dosages prevented a decrease in the average width of the bone trabeculae to a level of animals with experimental osteoporosis by 30% (84.02 [+ or -] 0.89 [micro]m).
The echodensity should move independent of the walls of the atrium, which helps to distinguish artefact or trabeculae from thrombus.
The tumor comprises small, ovoid cells forming cords, nests, or trabeculae in a fibrous or fibromyxoid stroma.
The neoplasm was composed of islands and trabeculae of neoplastic cells embedded in abundant loose fibrovascular stroma.
Histopathology sections revealed woven bone with irregular disorganized broad trabeculae forming a mosaic pattern.
[26] who also showed viable subchondral trabeculae in juvenile OCD lesions arthroscopically classified according to the International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS) OCD as ICRS OCD I/II [27].
Histological images of the regenerated condyle defects showed that a dense network of newly formed bone trabeculae was present at 4 weeks from surgery, both inside scaffold pores and in the peri-implant area (Figures 1(a), 1(c), and 1(e)).