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(in ophthalmology) the part of the eye in front of the canal of Schlemm and within the angle created by the iris and the cornea, responsible for aqueous drainage.


(tră-bĕk′ū-lă) (-lē) plural.trabeculae [L., a little beam]
1. A cord of tissue that serves as a supporting structure by forming a septum that extends into an organ from its wall or capsule.
2. The network of osseous tissue that makes up the cancellous structure of a bone.

trabecula carneae

Any of the thick muscular tissue bands attached to the inner walls of the ventricles of the heart.


  1. a pair of cartilage bars in the vertebrate embryo which form the front part of the floor of the cranium.
  2. the bony columns in long bones which may become ossified and solidified but which in birds remain intact to provide a light skeleton for flight.
  3. the rod-shaped supporting structures of various plant organs.
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Cells were now only attached to the connective tissue of the trabeculae at the base of the cell.
N both decreased within 3 months, indicating that the thinning and complete resorption of the trabeculae both started directly after AD deteriorated.
2 (taken two weeks after surgery) illustrates spongy bone observed in the repair phase with thin and dense trabeculae surrounding the implant, penetrating into the space created by the structure's macro-porosity.
MicroCT 2D sections evidenced a delicate honeycomb like network of thin polymer trabeculae (Fig.
Many sections exhibited an acidophilic amorphous material resembling necrotic marrow tissue, in parts mixed with disrupted osseous trabeculae, but without any inflammatory reaction i.
There are histological studies of PCG that describe the tissue as 'undifferentiated' or lacking the typical appearance of trabeculae with spaces between them, especially in the outer layers.
In these images we need to segment the trabeculae in order to make a diagnosis.
They focus on trabeculae at the left ventricular apex on the parasternal short axis and apical views and on the corresponding left ventricular wall thickness.
laminar, elongated and concave, with a spatulate end; on its anterior half, two thin dorsal trabeculae (one transverse, the other longitudinal) present; interior portion of l.
In placebo patients, the number of trabeculae declined slightly at those sites even if the women had gained BMD.
A striking degree of hemosiderosis of the red pulp, along with mineralization of the capsule and trabeculae, occurred in many animals, including uninfected controls, and appeared to be a norreal, age-related phenomenon in this species.
The two thinner trabeculae produced by trabecular tunneling then serve as a scaffold for additional new bone formation, leading, in theory, to the restoration of normal bone architecture.