, toxone (tok'sŏn, tok'sōn),
A hypothetical bacterial product, of feeble toxicity and weak affinity for antitoxin.
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The Greek word toxon meant "bow" (as in "arrow launcher").
bow is "polished" toxon euxoon, and at 395 it is made of horn,
From the Greek toxikon (poisoned arrow, from toxon [bow]) and plasma (something molded).
Their word toxon meant 'bow' (as in bowsand arrows)and at some point the archers discovered that they could achieve a higher kill-rate on their enemies if they dipped their arrows in a poisonous concoction of some description before releasing them.
What is perhaps not so obvious is both words are derived from the Greek toxon which meant bow,as in ``bow and arrow''.
And their expression for a drug used in conjunction with a bow and arrow was toxon pharmakon.