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Relating to toxicology.

toxicologic, toxicological

pertaining to poisons. See toxicology.


Relating to toxicology.
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0%) cases, the patient had clinical signs or symptoms of intoxication; specific toxicologic treatments were administered to 267 (58.
But with the NTP's far-reaching influence in toxicologic pathology, Boorman predicts the Atlas, which anyone may use for free, will find widespread use in training and research.
The toxicologic screening did not show any sign of drug intoxication.
The information in the CD-ROM focuses on health effects from exposure to specific hazardous substances, as well as on other toxicologic and epidemiologic issues.
The low-to-moderate risk subjects remained in the observation unit, where researchers measured troponin I at 0, 3, 6, and 9 hours after presentation, performed continuous ECG monitoring and toxicologic urine screening, and assessed for heart failure.
Here, through a combination of histopathologic, toxicologic, virologic, and molecular techniques, we describe causes of mortality in 67 American crows that were collected from a population in the Sacramento Valley of California in 2012 and 2013.
The assay is very sensitive and provides scientists with key data that can be used in drug development and toxicologic evalutions, the company noted.
Toxicologic pathology; nonclinical safety assessment.
CONCLUSIONS: Epidemiologists have argued for a single logically consistent definition of interaction, but the toxicologic perspective would consider this approach less biologically informative than a comparison with CA or IA.
Types of emergencies covered include environmental emergencies, infectious and communicable diseases, and toxicologic emergencies.