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Relating to toxicology.

toxicologic, toxicological

pertaining to poisons. See toxicology.


Relating to toxicology.
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But with the NTP's far-reaching influence in toxicologic pathology, Boorman predicts the Atlas, which anyone may use for free, will find widespread use in training and research.
The toxicologic screening did not show any sign of drug intoxication, and the blood alcohol concentration was 0.
The information in the CD-ROM focuses on health effects from exposure to specific hazardous substances, as well as on other toxicologic and epidemiologic issues.
PORTLAND, OR, June 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Aspect Imaging, the world leading developer of high-performance compact magnets, is having its M2[TM] 3D MR-based histology system for in vivo and ex vivo toxicological imaging featured in a scientific poster, in a major workshop and on the exhibit floor at the Society of Toxicologic Pathology (STP) Annual Meeting 2013.
Pathologists Sahota, Popp, Hardisty, and Gopinath compile 21 chapters by academics and industry professionals from the US and Europe, who discuss nonclinical safety assessment for students, residents, toxicologists, pathologists, and toxicologic pathologists working in pharmaceutical drug research, to demonstrate pharmacological or off-target effects and improve the quality of drug safety evaluation.
For example, some older toxicologic studies used a "quantal" model describing binary outcomes that occur when an individual's tolerance for an exposure is exceeded (Finney 1971).
It was the only agent of importance in the cookies that were eaten by the child, and his urine toxicologic screen was found to be positive for cannabinoids.
A pharmacogenomic test is considered a valid biomarker if "it is measured in an analytical test system with well established performance characteristics," and "there is an established scientific framework or body of evidence that elucidates the physiologic, pharmacologic, toxicologic, or clinical significance of the test results.
A chapter on pharmacogenetics (which could easily have followed the introductory chapter on pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics) is next, after which there is a short chapter on the toxicologic services that should be supplied by the clinical laboratory.
It also acts as a clearinghouse for toxicologic data among federal agencies, makes recommendations for tolerable exposures to chemical agents under specific conditions, identifies information gaps, and recommends research that may be of value in the resolution of toxicologic problems facing the sponsors.
Another obstacle is the current dearth of toxicologic data on these substances, says Rogers.
lactis subsp, lactis is considered nonpathogenic for animals (1,2) and no additional histopathologic or toxicologic studies could be carried out in the diseased animals, we cannot rule out other possible causes for the mass deaths.