toxic myocarditis

tox·ic my·o·car·di·tis

inflammation of heart muscle caused by any noxious chemical, for example, alcohol, heavy metals.
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Toxic myocarditis seems unlikely to be the cause of the ECG changes because cardiac enzymes were not elevated and there were no findings suggestive of myocarditis on ECG or echocardiography.
Brugada pattern in toxic myocarditis due to sever aluminum phosphidepoisoning.
Severe leptospirosis has been defined at severe intoxication, marked jaundice with severe hepatic dysfunction, skin hemorrhages and visceral bleeding, toxic myocarditis, severe ARF requiring dialysis, common respiratory and CNS-involvement.
Toxic myocarditis may precipitate arrhythmias and embolic stroke and associated blood coagulation changes including disseminated intravascular coagulation.
Acute poisoning, such as occurs after inhalation of phosphine, can lead to pulmonary edema, central nervous system depression, toxic myocarditis, and circulatory collapse (3).