toxic granulation

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toxic granulation

The abnormal appearance of white blood cells in patients with serious infectious diseases. The intracytoplasmic granules in the white blood cells show increased staining caused by the increased acid mucoprotein content of the cells.
See also: granulation


poisonous; pertaining to poisoning.

toxic algae
see algal poisoning.
toxic biotransformations
enzymatic changes of nontoxic to toxic substances, usually in the liver.
toxic epidermal necrolysis
see toxic epidermal necrolysis.
toxic fat syndrome
see chicken edema disease.
toxic granulation
see toxic granules.
toxic hepatitis, toxic liver disease
caused by a very large number of poisons including inorganic, organic, plant.
toxic myopathy
uncommon but is caused by e.g. gossypol, Cassia spp., monensin and the other ionophore coccidiostats.
toxic nephrosis
caused by many toxins, e.g. mercury, arsenic, copper, aminoglycoside antibiotics.
toxic shock
see toxemic shock.
toxic shock syndrome
see toxemic shock.
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We found a statistically significant trend between grading the intensity of toxic granulation in neutrophils and a rise in CRP.
Toxic granulation neutrophils and C-reactive protein.
In one survey, the CAP received the following five different identifications on a hematology slide: segmented neutrophil, Auer rod, toxic granulation, Barr body, and Dohle inclusion body.