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Over the short term, as the toxic cloud blocked sunlight, global average temperatures could plunge significantly -- and not return to normal for several years.
On April 26, 1986, an explosion in one of the nuclear reactors during a system test sent a cloud of radioactive materials into the atmosphere, causing a toxic cloud which lingered over parts of Europe.
Chaffin is also experienced in fire cause and origin cases, gas well blowouts and "toxic cloud" personal injury and property damage litigation.
For last few days, Hyderabad has been badly hit by smog and the dense layers of smog has covered the city in smoke and surrounded by a toxic cloud of chemicals.
But the stench from that chest freezer as I lifted the lid, well - it was a toxic cloud which nearly burned my eyebrows.
The Loughborough Air Quality Protection Group (LAQPG) says it holds convincing evidence from studies which show that a toxic cloud, including deadly PM2.5 particulates will be spewed from the incinerator and this will poison the air over large areas of Loughborough and Shepshed.
History hangs like a toxic cloud over the nation that was once a beacon of modernity for newly independent states.
AFTER Diwali festivities led to a toxic cloud of chemicals and smoke enveloping Delhi, the government announced a raft of measures on Tuesday.
The Directorate of Health, supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), treated over 1,000 cases of suffocation in Qayyarah, Ijhala, and Makhmour primary health care centers, late last week when stockpiles of sulphur dioxide stored at the Mishraq Sulphate factory caught fire, leading to a large toxic cloud plume spreading over dozens of kilometers.
And, last week, a toxic cloud plume spread for dozens of kilometres after stockpiles of sulphur dioxide stored at the Mishraq Sulphate Factory caught fire.