toxic chemical agent

tox·ic chem·i·cal a·gent

(tok'sik kem'i-kăl ā'jĕnt)
In U.S. military parlance, a chemical warfare agent designed to cause death or serious injury on the battlefield.
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It is evident that those terrorist groups could not procure toxic chemical agents as well as produce and use chemical weapons without the external assistance and support.
A common EU list of controlled dual-use items contains goods and technologies such as nuclear reactors, cryogenic refrigeration units, explosives, surveillance systems and equipment, and chemicals that can be used as precursors for toxic chemical agents. The Commission's proposal will now be decided upon by the EU Council of Ministers and the European Parliament.
Set 1--Warns firefighting personnel of highly toxic chemical agents in the storage facility.
Hundreds of people were reported killed when substances believed to be toxic chemical agents was released into the air.
On August 1, The New York Times, quoting a Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) report on Bahrain, said: "Since February 2011, the government has unleashed a torrent of toxic chemical agents against men, women and children, including the elderly and infirm".
We discuss here the primary chemical and mechanical/physical counter-measures for mitigation of toxic chemical agents.
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The Army has been tasked to destroy 31,500 tons of highly toxic chemical agents by April 2007, the deadline set by an international treaty for the elimination of all chemical weapon stockpiles.
that [Tooele] personnel were exposed to toxic chemical agents and other hazardous materials.