toxemia of pregnancy

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1. the condition resulting from the spread of bacterial products (toxins) by the bloodstream.
2. a name formerly used to indicate a pregnancy-related syndrome typified by edema, proteinuria, and hypertension that was thought to be due to a toxin released by the mother in response to a foreign protein of the developing fetus. adj., adj toxe´mic.
toxemia of pregnancy former name for preeclampsia-eclampsia syndrome.

toxemia of pregnancy

toxemia of pregnancy

pregnancy-induced hypertension

A term that encompasses isolated (nonproteinuric) hypertension (HTN)—pre-eclampsia—or proteinuric HTN—eclampsia; PIH occurs in 5–15% of pregnancies, and is a major cause of obstetric and perinatal M&M.
Clinical signs
Oedema, swelling (especially facial).

Low-dose aspirin.

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A. It May Be A Muscular Trigger That Effects Your Bladder

Q. Hi, I´m bleeding when I pee,suggestions? I´m 42 years old,and I had a lot of pain days ago just like before when I had a kidney stone and now I´m bleeding when I pee but I don´t know if could be a different problem

A. Thanks everybody, I´m taking care of the problem, all of you are very nice, God bless you.

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