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FOR a man who has twice been banned for biting an opponent and once for racially abusing a rival player, Luis Suarez is a touchingly sensitive soul.
Cheryl Barker makes a vulnerable geisha, touchingly innocent in her belief that marriage to her American sailor is the real thing while 'groom' Lieutenant Pinkerton of the United States Navy - Gwyn Hughes Jones - has other ideas and even with their exquisite love duet, which closes act one, comes the feeling that this liaison is doomed.
Thursday Adventureland BBC3 9pm This touchingly nostalgic comedy drama stars Jesse Eisenberg as a college graduate who finds love when he is forced to spend the summer of 1987 working at an amusement park after a financial crisis wrecks his plans for a European holiday.
And touchingly, it was his daughter Kelly Cates who led the praise.
Meanwhile there's more comedy at the Unity tomorrow when Uncanny Theatre, which exists to create bizarre yet touchingly human stories with a darkly comic edge, arrives with Optimism.
Once we got past removing 28ft of intestines the whole thing was very touchingly done.
From my experience they are touchingly fond of the Old Country and are invariably kind and friendly and, I repeat, have been steadfast in their support for us in conflicts all over the world.
But it was the skillful dancing by the company that ensured that Princess Aurora's plight was retold so touchingly.
Watching his touchingly honest - and often deeply funny - performance I was returned to the early morning of a school day when my father watched me fumbling with a tie.
She has little support from her husband but her son John, touchingly played by Chris Robson, is her rock.
Touchingly romantic, tenderly real, this beautiful little film is the discovery of the year.
Of the cast, all familiar faces, Rula Lenska was impossibly slender and sharp, Marti Webb touchingly mellifluous and Sheila (Three Degrees) Ferguson a powerhouse of sexy moves and vocals.