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, being touched
aphephobia, haphephobia.
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So he holds him by his side, and instructs him in the science of touching.
uf, contented themselves with touching those of the three other knights, who had not altogether manifested the same strength and dexterity.
As he was drawn away, his wife released him, and stood looking after him with her hands touching one another in the attitude of prayer, and with a radiant look upon her face, in which there was even a comforting smile.
Do thou, therefore, O Rhadamanthus, who sittest in judgment with me in the murky caverns of Dis, as thou knowest all that the inscrutable fates have decreed touching the resuscitation of this damsel, announce and declare it at once, that the happiness we look forward to from her restoration be no longer deferred.
He uttered to himself the name of Flora in so many touching and dramatic keys, that he became at length fairly melted with tenderness, and could have sung aloud.
Lie down, darling; lie down, my pet," said the countess, softly touching Natasha's shoulders.