Touch for Health

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Touch for Health™

Alternative medicine
A proprietary form of applied kinesiology designed for lay people, which incorporates acupressure, sound diet, muscle testing and massage. The system was developed in the 1970s B Butler, a British chiropractor, and Dr JF Thie, an American chiropractor.

Patient discussion about Touch for Health

Q. What could make the top of your head hurt to the touch. I don't have a headache. It just hurts when I touch It only hurts on the left side.

A. if it's a deep pain- it might be caused by a trauma to the bode. have you been hurt by something..? if you don't remember - it might be a memory loss from the hit to the head :)
if it's a sort of superficial pain- it might be caused of a wound there. ask someone to have a look and see if there's anything over there. it could even be a tic sitting there...

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