tactile cell

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tac·tile cell

one of the epithelioid cells of a corpusculum tactus.
Synonym(s): touch cell
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Mettraux suggested that Semaan was involved in shutting down touch cell towers along the path of Hariri's convoy on the day of the explosion.
As a result, users benefit from a no-compromise HMI solution offering better resolution, improved colour density, enhanced touch cell density, superior connectivity, and better value.
Mutations producing touch insensitivity have identified 12 mec (mechanosensory abnormal) genes needed for touch cell function (Chalfie and Sulston, 1981; Chalfie and Au, 1989).
"One of the cool things about touch cells is you can put them in a dish, and you can poke them, and they'll respond to touch with an electrical signal," Bautista told the Daily Californian news outlet last year.
When liposomes touch cells in a patient's body, they can easily fuse with a cell's membranes and dump their genetic cargo inside.
Specifications call for 3 mm minimum distance between touch cells.