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totems (tō·tmz), in Native American culture, an Algonquin term that refers to spiritual helpers. These spiritual helpers may send messages to a patient via dreams to recommend an improved, healthier pattern of behavior. Native American healers are often contacted to act as interpreters for the dreams.
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As a class, we had fun deciding whether we wanted our totem poles to be traditional-looking or more contemporary.
This new book includes the stories: The First Totem Pole, The Transition of Totemism, The Alligator and the Hunter, The End of the First World, Mistakes of Old Man, The Race of the Antelope and Deer, The Badger and the Bear, The Ball Game between the Birds and the Animals, They That Chase After the Bear, Beaver and Muskrat, Honeyed Words Can't Sweeten Evil, Ghost Stallion, Hummingbird Brings Back Tobacco, Why Porcupine Has Quills (Anishnaabe), Coyote Kills the Prairie Dogs, Why the Salmon Come to the Squamish Waters, The Seagulls and the Whiskey Jacks, and many more.
A council spokesperson said: "Over the last few weeks we have been testing the routes on the system to ensure that everything is in place as the totems begin to go live.
Well, now we do know because the Metro totems are there for all to see in an installation supported by North Tyneside Council as part of its cultural and community engagement programme running alongside the refurbishment of the station.
At the height of Haida culture, their villages, which always sat on the shoreline, were all adorned with dozens of totems and large carved support poles for their long houses.
Eventually, the totems needed to be replaced, so a new copy of one was carved by Tlingit artist carver Tommy Jimmy in 1978.
Totems from seaside locations are perhaps the most desirable, no doubt because they remind us most of our favourite train journeys.
WARREN - The spirit of Molly Anne Bish, the 17-year-old lifeguard abducted from Comins Pond Beach seven years ago Wednesday, will be represented at Wednesday night's vigil on the Town Common by a bald eagle atop an 8-foot totem pole.
Research on totems not only deepened my understanding of their meaning and value within the Native American culture of the Pacific Northwest, but also made me curious about contemporary totem forms.
Totems To Turquoise: Native North American Jewelry Arts Of The Northwest And Southwest is a lavish artbook filled cover-to-cover with full-color photographs not only of beautiful Native American jewelry, but also portraits of the individual artists crafters who create it.
Haisla photographer Arthur Renwick's exhibition of black-and-white photo diptychs, Totem Hysteria, paired totem poles from the Northwest Coast with various commercial representations of totems (primarily signs and sandwich boards advertising businesses such as Totem Audio Video, Totem Auto Body, and Totem Super Star Gold Bingo).