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Relating to totemism.
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it refers to either ethnic churches within a main religious denomination (Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox) or to contemporary indigenous traditional ethnic religions, that is: living (Asian, African, Pacific, Native American animistic, totemistic, shamanistic, theistic) cults that do not need reconstruction or revitalization due to their unbroken survival to our days.
The totemistic loyalty of vast alumni networks to athletic teams and symbols, sustained by the energy of nostalgia for lost youth.
Yet, with the continuation of ethnographic research, particularly in non-western parts of the world, there are still new things to be learned about totemistic symbolism.
Recognizing the totemistic power of the fish, though not yet its literal association with his mother, Vardaman attempts to destroy it, chopping it to pieces with an axe.
Harking back to the totemistic cults of the Great Goddess that precede the anthropomorphic and patriarchal deities of Olympus, La Trobe's ritualist conspiracy with the "moon-eyed" mother cow joins humans and animals in a sympathy that elides distinctions of gender and species (Hussey 92-8).