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Belief in a kinship with, or a mystical relationship between, a group (or person) and a totem.
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From this standpoint it is possible to assert that Levi-Strauss interprets totemism not as a residue of former evolutionary stages, he rather takes totemistic patterns of thought synchronic to the modern patterns.
Thus, the claws of furbearers may not be connected to religion on the primary level (talking about cult of beaver or beaver totemism in the 13th century), but were first and foremost symbols of social status and were connected with religion only through this function.
218) Sigmund Freud, The Infantile Recurrence of Totemism in TOTEM AND TABOO (reprinted in THE BASIC WRITINGS OF SIGMUND FREUD 886 (A.
Furthermore, Robert David Smith's letter refers to totemism as a religion.
As any class of realia, such as plants, animals and natural phenomena including the planets, is magic, they thus have a magico-religious character whose earliest form manifests itself in totemism, in totemic relationships with various classes of realia.
Even though there is little agreement among scholars on this issue, it is believed that starting from ancient times the Turks accepted animism, totemism and naturalism.
the totemism of trees and flowers, and Prado's love for the poet and actor Harry Northrup who merges with Orpheus.
While `virtuality' has already been inscribed through New Age totemism, the networking of computers has enabled a somewhat paradoxical interconnectedness celebrating individual essence in the context of `community'-based rituals of worship and pageant.
For Brunel, the anthropological study of totemism, shamanistic transformations, and magic provides the study of metamorphosis in myth and literature with profuse empirical and theoretical background material.
Comaroff, John (1987) Of Totemism and Ethnicity: Consciousness, Practice, and the Signs of Inequality.
Societies involved in totemism, like the Indians of the Americas, do have a "religion," but it is the most primitive type because it entails worshiping trees or wild animals.
The Mount Rare Python and His Gold: Totemism and Ecology in the Papua New Guinea Highlands.