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An object (usually an animal or plant) serving as the emblem of a family or clan and often as a reminder of its ancestry; something that serves as a revered symbol.
[Amer. Indian]
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The son of a forester, Simon has been chainsaw carving for 25 years and will fashion the new totem poles.
Coun Coen said: "The Fortis Group has agreed to open the area where the totem pole will be to public access.
Eco-Culture Totem Poles are a manageable and achievable art installation.
The exhibitors that spoke with Taiwan News said that TOTEM's goal is to remind people that what is old is still beautiful, and can be made new again; and that the culture of Taiwan's indigenous people deserves to be known and appreciated throughout the world.
The two winners, three runners-up and the remaining shortlisted designers will be viewing the finished repainted totem pole today from 11am.
This diversity of characters works well, allowing Totem to serve as a solid work of science fiction and a creative take on the dystopian novel.
This new book includes the stories: The First Totem Pole, The Transition of Totemism, The Alligator and the Hunter, The End of the First World, Mistakes of Old Man, The Race of the Antelope and Deer, The Badger and the Bear, The Ball Game between the Birds and the Animals, They That Chase After the Bear, Beaver and Muskrat, Honeyed Words Can't Sweeten Evil, Ghost Stallion, Hummingbird Brings Back Tobacco, Why Porcupine Has Quills (Anishnaabe), Coyote Kills the Prairie Dogs, Why the Salmon Come to the Squamish Waters, The Seagulls and the Whiskey Jacks, and many more.
(i) The state of affairs in which x has either eaten of the chief's food or has killed a totem animal or has encountered his mother-in-law, etc.
The distinctive characteristics and strengths of a dozen totem animals are highlighted in simple four-line poems, each beginning with the same phrase: Sometimes I feel like a turtle, slow and quiet.
Children at the Yorkshire Scukpture Park and, left: youngsters |with their totem poles
In this essay, I argue that the cultural work going on at the Chapel can be more deeply understood with reference to the argument concerning the power of the tribal/national totem in Durkheim's classic book.
Les Cardinal, of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, wrote "Enough is enough" as his contribution to a mural that has travelled along with a totem pole that was erected at the Beaver Lake Cree Nation in September.